Customize Your Next Trade Show Display

January 01, 2019

There is a lot of planning that goes into trade shows to ensure that you have a successful show. The last thing you should have to worry about is the design for your booth. That is why companies have been choosing E-Z Frame Structures & Shelters to customize their trade show booths for them. One of our customers shared these images with us from their recent trade show and we were thrilled to see how the structures turned out. It was also great to hear the feedback from this customer. He wrote, "The brackets worked great! Thank you for everything. We very much appreciate the speed in which you were able to get the product to us." 
When designing your booth it is important to create a display that attracts people. The tables and stands you see here were built using the E-Z Frame 90-degree brackets and we were able to put in a special order to have the brackets made in white instead of black. We can do that for any of our customers just be sure to give us more time when placing your order as that would be a custom order. Along with the 90-degree brackets this customer cut his 2x2's to the desired length and then covered certain sides with large logos and images. You can also see that they used bright eye catching colors for their display which makes their booth interesting and appealing to the attendees. This customer purchased the brackets from us and then had his own cuts calculated for the structure, however that is something our design team could do for you too. Our design team can send you the brackets, instructions, and lumber cut list all in one if that would help save you some stress for your upcoming trade shows. They could design a display just like this for you or if you have some of your own ideas then you can send an email to and someone from our design team will customize a display with you. Our kits are design to be taken down just as easily as they can be put together. The brackets are made out of polypropylene which allows flexibility and rigidity, the brackets fit with 2x2's which are light and easy to store, and then we recommend putting the two together with screws making it much easier to take apart. This is the ideal set-up for someone who is looking for a display that will last for years. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this article and admire our customer's fantastic work.
We hope you find it useful and inspiring. 
If you have built a great structure, using an E-Z Frame Kit, that you would like to share with us, then please email your images or video to Thank you!