E-Z Frame Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you make brackets for 2X4’s?

A: No. We have been working on a design for 2X4’s, but currently we only carry brackets for 2X2’s.

Q: Are they true 2X2’s ?

A: No they are the 2X2’s that you find in most local lumberyards. They are commonly known as a 2X2, but the actual size is slightly smaller - typically 1.5X1.5. We always suggest you take a bracket with you to the store and try it on the lumber first before you purchase because every lumber yard or box home store is slightly different.

Q: What kind of lumber can you buy?

A: You can get the lumber in pine, cedar, redwood or treated lumber. But make sure you check the dimensions before you buy them so they fit the brackets

Q: What are the brackets made of?

A: They are made of a heavy duty polypropylene material that has a UV inhibitor in them so they are very strong, but slightly flexible to give with the lumber if needed.

Q: What color do they come in?

A: They only come in black at the moment because the color black has a natural UV inhibitor in it so the plastic does not break down in the sun.

Q: What sizes do the kits come in?

A: You can find all of our kits and their prices on our website. If you do not find a size that works for you we can custom design one for you (transfer to design team)

Q: What is each bracket used for?

A: The 90 degree bracket is for the corners.

The 120 degree bracket is for the roof

The 30 degree or “I” bracket is used for angled bracing and the bottom part of the roof truss

The “T” brackets are to frame the stud walls and frame in the doors and windows.

Q: Can you add a door on the side? Or add a window?

A: Yes you can. You can add a window or door wherever you want to. We can help you design that if you need help with that.

Q: What do you cover them with?

A: Our customers typically cover them with whatever they need depending on their project. They can be covered with everything from plastic and glass to chicken wire to siding and metal.

Q: Is it rated for a snow load? Or engineered for a snow load?

A: No we do not have it engineered. However, we are located in an area with a lot of snow and they do just fine here. If you are concerned about it we recommend that you buy the standard version that comes with the extra corner brackets which makes the building more rigid. And you can also purchase extra brackets to extra webbing in the trusses to make they more solid also.

Q: Are they ok in an area with high winds?

A: Yes they are. We have customers that live in high wind areas that buy them all the time. Because these use lumber they are very heavy unlike the ones that are built out of metal and lightweight. Also depending on what you cover them with ie siding or plywood etc it makes it even more heavy. A lot of our customers also attach them to either concrete footings or railroad ties which anchor them

Q: How many boards will it take to frame (insert kit size here)? Or how much material will it take to cover?

A: We can transfer you to our design team and they can get you the answer for that.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: Our lead time is approximately 7 to 10 days and we typically ship via usps priority shipping. Priority shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 days to arrive (no Sunday deliveries). So you can expect that your order will arrive within 2 weeks in most cases. To help fight theft and ensure your order arrives to you, we have started a signature required policy on all our packages sent out. Please follow your tracking number and if it shows out for delivery please make sure someone is available to sign for your package. If you are not available, the carrier should leave you a notice. Typically they leave a notice with instructions. If you do not receive a notice, please check with your local Post Office. If you have any issues please email us.

Q: We have an emergency or a special occasion and need our order faster. Do you offer expedited shipping?

A: Yes we can ship expedited. Your order itself is still shipped priority, but we pull your order out of line and process it right away, same day or next day so you receive it within 2 to 3 days instead. 

NOTE: If your order is a result of an emergency such as a house fire or natural disaster, such as a hurricane or wildfire, please email us asap and we will get an order out right away! Being part of a fire fighter/ first responder family ourselves, we hold a special place in our hearts for those effected by disasters or fires and those first one scene to help. We also offer a special discount to fire fighters and their families so please let us know if you are one.

Q: Can you ship to Canada or other places in the world?

A: Yes we ship to Canada all the time. In fact, we ship all over the world. If you try to purchase and are located in a country other than the USA and are having trouble placing your order on our website, please email us and we can help. We do speak fluent German and some French and Spanish if you prefer to write us in your native language :)

Q: We have changed our mind and no longer need our order, do you refund our order or do we call our credit card and cancel?

A: If you have ANY issue with your order at all, including canceling ALWAYS call us first! Please allow us 24 hours to respond. We WILL respond :) Never call your card company and cancel or file a dispute first. Once a dispute is filed with your card company, we are no longer able to refund your order from our end and it can take weeks for you to receive your money back from your card company. Cancelling through your card company is NOT cancelling an order or getting a refund. It is what is known as "filing a dispute". It causes a lot of unnecessary grief and paperwork for you, your bank, our bank and us when in most cases contacting us directly will fix ANY issue you might have in moments. And we love to hear from you and help our customers! Please allow us the opportunity to help you first. Thank you!

Q: Are you a fraudulent company?

A: No we are absolutely NOT a fraudulent company! We have actually been in business for 49 years and are not going anywhere! We have E-Z Frame buildings standing that are almost as old as we are a company! We DO occasionally get back logged though due to situations in the world beyond our control and we do occasionally take slightly longer than 24 hours to respond (but never more than 48 hours so if you have not heard from us and it has been 48 hours, than we have NOT received your email - please try again), but while we understand that there are many fake and untrustworthy websites out there, we are not one of them. There are real "live" people here on this end, happy to help you!  :)

Questions? Email us! 

Thank you,

The E-Z Frame Team!


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