How To Make Your Vendor Booth Really Stand Out

February 01, 2019

Our customer recently sent us this image showing an E-Z Frame Kit that she used to display her own products at a trade show. We wanted to share this image because she did an amazing job and we know this will help inspire our DIY customers for their next project. She purchased the E-Z Frame 8X10 Basic Kit for this design and then was able to put carts and shelves on the inside to help display her products. We love how she left the structure completely open so that you were still able to see the wood. The 2x2s were the perfect size to help create the enclosed booth while still keeping it open and filled with light. The raw wood really helped compliment her products along with the plants she added. Very nice touch and we hope you had a fantastic event! Our E-Z Frame Kits can be set up and taken down easily for an event or trade show, but they can also be built as permanent structures that stand for 20 years or longer. That is the best part about our kits because they can be used in many different ways and our customers are able to customize them to fit their needs. Our kits work great indoors like you see above, but they also work great outdoors. You could use one of our kits for a booth at the farmers market, inside a store to help display your own products, at trade shows, or even at your home to store inventory. If you don't see a design on our website that works for you then send us an email or give us a call because our design team can customize your next vendor booth too! 
Our customer wrote to us, " I loved how easy it was to assemble, and I hope to build more in the future!" 
Thank you for taking the time to read this article and admire our customer's fantastic work.
We hope you find it useful and inspiring. 
If you have built a great structure, using an E-Z Frame Kit, that you would like to share with us, then please email your images or video to Thank you!