8X8 Basic Chicken Run Kit

 Have a chicken run project in mind? Featured here is the E-Z Frame 8X8 Basic Chicken Run Kit with 6 foot high sidewalls and an overall height of 9 feet. The structure is 8 feet wide by 8 feet long and the door is 3 feet wide by 6 feet 8 inches tall. This kit comes with all 59 brackets needed to frame your structure along with easy to follow instructions and a lumber cut list. This is a bracket only kit! You will need to purchase (37) 2X2's (actual dimensions are 1.5X1.5 found at any local lumberyard), cover materials, a box of (200) wood screws, a couple of hinges, and door knobs separately to complete your kit. Once assembled, cover in chicken wire and your chicken run is ready to go!

(Images are representations of a completed structure)



- Step By Step Instructions and a Lumber Cut List
- Door Assembly Kit
- Brackets required to complete this project 
  • (8) 90 Degree Brackets
  • (15) 120 Degree Brackets
  • (10) 30 Degree Brackets
  • (26) T Brackets


Check out the DIY section for windows, truss webbing, and more upgrade options to add to your kit!

You selected the structure kit. Now it's time to choose your amenities!

Choose from extra window or roof vent kits. Single and double door kits. Or extra brackets to create angled corner bracing to make your structure more solid and rigid. You can also visit our DIY collection for many other add on options such as extra webbing for your trusses or bracket packs to create a unique add on of your own!

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