10X16 Standard Storage Shed Kit

Have a storage project in mind? Featured here is the E-Z Frame 10X16 Standard Standard Storage Shed Kit . E-Z Frame Structure Kits make framing a building easy for anyone! Using 2X2 lumber (actual dimensions slightly smaller), and with no angle lumber cuts necessary, it takes less than a couple of hours to frame a structure!

Our brackets are made of a heavy duty polypropylene material with a built in UV inhibitor that prevents them from cracking or getting brittle in the sun.

Once assembled, just cover the structure in your choice of siding and roofing materials. Each structure is completely customizable, so you can design it to fit your project or environment! 

(Images are representations of a completed structure)



- Step By Step Instructions and a Lumber Cut List
- Door Assembly Kit
- Brackets required to complete this project 


Check out the DIY section for windows, truss webbing, and more upgrade options to add to your kit!
Floor Framing Options

You selected the structure kit. Now it's time to choose your amenities!

Choose from extra window or roof vent kits. Single and double door kits. Or extra brackets to create angled corner bracing to make your structure more solid and rigid. You can also visit our DIY collection for many other add on options such as extra webbing for your trusses or bracket packs to create a unique add on of your own!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great and very creative!

I like that these kits are designed to help you create your own shed and personalize it! I made a little project out of it, and painted murals on the outside, and it looks great! I was going to use this to store some extra things I have lying around, but I think now I'm going to string some extension chords up to it and use it as a creative workspace instead! Absolutely a fun project if you want to get out of the house and make your own structure, it was pretty easy to figure out and the way the kits are designed allowed me to be creative with the siding and the look of it! Pictures to come once I've got the new place all spruced up!

late shipping, hard to get in contact with company

My order came almost a week late and this company was really hard to get in touch with. When I finally spoke with a representative they were actually really nice and bumped my order up in the que but it still took another full day after that to get here!

good shed

good shed for the price

very sturdy, DOESN'T come with lumber

I had my doubts when I saw this was built with 2x2 lumber (you have to buy your own by the way, the kit just comes with the bracket connectors) but the structure is very sturdy once you have it all put together. We tested the weight of the roof for snowfall by throwing some sand bags up there and it held real good. The connecting pieces made the shed pretty fast and easy to put together, they make it so you only need straight cuts. pretty good kit, I would recommend it for someone who doesn't know what they're doing.