30-Degree Brackets or I-Brackets (Pack of 10)

Featured here is the E-Z Frame 30-Degree Bracket or I-Bracket. The 30-Degree Bracket is typically used to frame the bottom of trusses, webbing in trusses, building shed roofs, and angled corner bracing. All of the E-Z Frame Brackets are made of polypropylene, which is both a plastic and fiber, making the brackets flexible and strong. Since the brackets are flexible, they will never crack or break and can later be recycled back into other products like containers and clothing fibers.The brackets will never rust and do no melt below 320 Degrees Fahrenheit making the E-Z Frame Structures perfect for all weather types. The E-Z Frame Team is always available for questions so please let us know if you would like to create a custom order with the design team.
This Kit Includes:
(10) 30-Degree Brackets
(Lumber Not Included)

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