8X10 DIY Standard Greenhouse Kit

Have a greenhouse project in mind? Featured here is the E-Z Frame 8X10 Standard Greenhouse Kit. E-Z Frame Structure Kits make framing a building easy for anyone! Using 2X2 lumber (actual dimensions slightly smaller), and with no angle lumber cuts necessary, it takes less than a couple of hours to frame a structure! Our brackets are made of a heavy duty polypropylene material with a built in UV inhibitor that prevents them from cracking or getting brittle in the sun. Once assembled, just cover the structure in your choice of siding and roofing materials. Each structure is completely customizable, so you can design it to fit your project or environment! BRACKET KIT ONLY, LUMBER NOT INCLUDED (Images are representations of a completed structure) THIS KIT INCLUDES: - Step By Step Instructions and a Lumber Cut List - Door Assembly Kit - Brackets required to complete this project


Check out the DIY section for windows, truss webbing, and more upgrade options to add to your kit!

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